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Rifle importation & Renting

Renting a weapon for hunting

We strongly encourage our clients to rather rent a rifle from us. This will greatly simplify the planning of your vacation. Many flights take you through countries where it is very difficult or even impossible to bring a rifle through. If you want a very easy trip to Africa and if you want to shop for the best flight deal, you have to consider renting a rifle from us.

We have an assortment of calibers available to suit your every hunting situation, we also have Crossbows and muzzleloaders available for rent. @ only $15 per rifle per day for the duration of the booked hunt, it is well worth your money. (includes ammo)


1) Apply for a pre-issued temporary import permit through the aid of the Professional hunters association of South Africa (PHASA) They offer a great service at a nominal fee. Included in this service is a representative that will meet and assist you with the clearance of your firearm. Please visit this link for more information. The price is $150 per permit.






Importing your own rifle

Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa

2) Option 2 - Try to do it yourself (this is not recommended!)

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