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Hunt packages 2024/5 

Budged hunter. (Non Trophy)

US$ 4,650.00

7 Animals 10 days for one hunter  


1 Blue Wildebeest, 1 Kudu, 1 Impala, 1 Blesbok, 1 Zebra, 1 Warthog, 1 Baboon. 5 Days. 

It is important that any client that books a non-trophy hunt understand that NO - part of the animal that he hunted can be exported from South Africa as they are a non-trophy. If a client would like to export some part of an animal that he hunted on a non-trophy hunt, then he would be required to pay the normal trophy fee for that animal, and not the non-trophy price. T & C Apply.

Elite hunter.  
US$ 19,500.00
10 days, 1 Buffalo, 1 Sable, for 1 Hunter & 1 Observer

Be an Elite hunter and hunt Africa's most beautiful and most dangerous all in one hunt.

This hunt includes the daily rate for 1 hunter and one observer for 10 days, as well as the trophy fee for 1 x Buffalo and 1 x Sable. T & C apply.

Crocodile & Hippo
US$ 17,500.00
10 Days, 1 Hippo, 1 Crocodile for 2 hunters

Hunt the water ways of Africa. The hippo is the mammal that is responsible for the most human deaths in Africa. Confront this beast while on Safari. Hippo and Crocodile are some of the most unpredictable hunts you can do.

This hunt includes the daily rate for 2 hunters for 10 days, as well as the trophy fee for 1 x Hippo and 1 x 9 ft Crocodile. T & C Apply.



All other species hunted as per Afrika Barrel and Bow 2024/5 price list.

All upgrades as per Afrika Barrel and Bow 2024/5 price list.

In the event that a hunter decides to not utilize the full package that he has bought he will forfeit whatever he has paid for and decides not to use.

In the event that the hunter did not get a reasonable opportunity at an animal included in the package that he bought, the hunter would be reimbursed as per the value of that animal from the 2024/5 price list.


1) Afrika Barrel and Bow Safaris will not hunt between Friday evening & Saturday evening. This will be a quiet day of rest for you to enjoy reading or go on game walks. For this reason, it will always be an added day to your safari at NO extra charge.

2) The purchaser of this Hunting safari must confirm the dates of his/her choice with a 30% Deposit. This deposit will be applied to trophy fees & is non-refundable. This safari may not be combined with any other donated hunt or advertised special from this outfitter.

3) Observers are welcome to join at $200. And hunter at $490 per day (per brochure)

4) Hunt may be upgraded.

5) This hunt MAY NOT be substituted for a photographic safari.

6) Trophy fees of 2024/5 will apply to all upgrades.

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