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Hunting Areas & Conservation

Most species are hunted on private conservancy areas, located in the northern part of South Africa, amid the picturesque streams and vistas of the Waterberg Mountains.

We have hunting rights on 5 different areas close to base camp, these areas cover a total area of 136 000 Acres.

Dangerous game hunting is mostly done on hunting areas close to Kruger National Park, we have hunting rights on 4 areas in that region covering a total area of 42 000 Acres.





Since animals are hunted on large privately owned conservancy areas, they are considered the property of the landowner. Trophy fees are given to the landowner to help maintain suitable habitat so that trophy animals will be available for our children to enjoy. The importance of wildlife conservation cannot be overemphasized, as therein lies our future. Selective trophy hunting, where only the old and fully mature game is taken, ensures the balance of nature. Hunting for the conservation-minded sportsman is our family motto.

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